Why we created We Affirm SDA

WE MOVED: Due to the fact that some Pippenger follower took the name, "webelievesda" and created an evil twin, we moved to a new name to keep people from going to their site thinking it is this one. We Affirm SDA [weaffirmsda.com] will be the only URL that is promoted from now on.

Thank you for visiting We Affirm SDA. This site was created so that people who want to learn and understand more about different movements sweeping through the Adventist church could come to one website and get most of the information needed to understand the facts.

One of Satan's greatest weapons is to bring in side issues that cause division and confusion in our church. We have seen many of these false ideas come into the church, such as: the Branch Davidians, Dr. Ford, The Jubilee, God does not kill, the Feast days, Sabbath Moons, The Sacred Name movement etc. There are many more winds of doctrine blowing in our church, but these serve as an example of the type movements that have been used and are being used to create division and take people out of their faith. It is Satan's artful approach to keep us busy trying to combat error and keep members at odds with each other. These side issues keep  us divided so we won't be about the very work most needed at this time, which is to share the gospel with the world, especially people living in the cities. A divided church is a weak church and gives unbelievers reason to not embrace the truth of God's word.

If you have done a study on topics we are covering, please send them to us and we will evaluate them and see if the material is of a nature to post on this site. If you have read some good research on the subject, we are also interested in posting it here.

The first movement we are addressing is the Pippenger movement, because it has already caused much confusion and division in the church. Share this site with any honest in heart believers who want to understand the movement, the issues involved, and the teachings that are not balanced and in harmony with the pillars of our faith.


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